Sunday, 20 March 2011

Godzilla vs. the smog monster

If I haven't blogged since December then you know it must have been a dark and depressing winter. However, spring is in the air... So, how is web serving from home? Well, I wish to report that openbsd is a great system. It is still up (actually 147 days and counting). As for those shitehead script kiddies, no, they haven't given up. I watch as they hit the machine with constant root password attacks. What they don't know (as ignorant script kiddies) is that root ssh logins are completely disabled. They might as well bang their head on a wall. They've also attacked every user name in the book. But if you only do it once, you're not likely to succeed. Also under attack is the samba server --- but once again, I was (unusually) detailed and prohibited connections from anywhere outside the local network (that's 192.168.1.*). Same goes for nfs. Losers.

I have to say, I was tempted to install a "honeypot" on a new guest account. But better sense prevailed.

I also monitor the access to web pages --- this tells me what people are looking at. Once again, I find that my test equipment pages are popular. So, I took a few hours to update them a little. I also discovered various errors by monitoring the logs. So, I fix them now and then. I got tired of seeing errors when the spiders came along so I put in a robots.txt and also a favicon.ico (the latter is that little icon that shows when you load a page). Since the official webmaster is Fishy, the little icon is of Fishy (of course).

openbsd has proven to be an excellent choice. Robust, secure and it's a fast system even though it's on an obsolete sun system. What I really need now are gigabit switches. Soon...

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